Darren & Lucille

W e ' r e   g e t t i n g   m a r r i e d

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25 Feb 2019

The groom

Name: Darren
Age: 20
Date of Birth: 28 April 1998
Country: Swaziland
Fav Color: Red
Hobbies : Cars, Shooting and Gaming


The Bride

Name: Lucille
Age: 19
Date of Birth: 30 November 1999
Country: South Africa
Fav Color: Pink
Hobbies : Scrapbooking, Adventure, Singing, Dancing and Crafting


We are waiting for..... The adventure

Our love story

First Met

March 2016

I (Darren) was invited to a freinds house for supper, and when I arrived at the house and walked into the kitchen, I saw this very intimidating very independant, woman rinsing lettuce out in the sink. I had absolutely no idea of the significance of that moment, the moment I met my wife.

We Became Best Friends

May 2017

It started with us jogging together, and after we started working together we became alot closer, soon I (Darren) was coming over to watch movies and play board games, sometimes we would sit on the balcony and talk for hours, often right through the night.

We Fell in Love

August 2017

We had been friends for a few months already, and we were really close, neither of us knew how much we meant to one another, although all the signs were there. We were head-over heels for each other and we didnt even know it, I (Darren) remember driving home one afternoon from work, and just looking at Lucille and saying "You make me happy", without even thinking about it. That was the beginning of Our Story together.


July 2018

We got engaged on the coast in Ramsgate, where after a short walk I (Darren), popped the question to my girl to be infront of our wonderful families.

We are going to... Celebrate Our Love

Wedding events

The Reception

  • Makiti Wedding & Function Venues, Sterkfontein Cave Rd, Krugersdorp, South Africa
  • Monday 25 February 2019, 3:00PM - 4:00PM

Come and join us as we say the "I do's"

See location

Wedding Party

  • Makiti Wedding & Function Venues, Sterkfontein Cave Rd, Krugersdorp, South Africa
  • Monday 25 February 2019, 4:00PM - 12:00PM

Wedding Theme : Rustic / Vintage
Wedding Color: Pink, Gold, and Navy

See location

For I have found The One my Soul Loves Song of Solomon 3:4

Join our party

Please reserve before 1 February, 2019.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Wishing Well

We made a commitment, some time ago, Together through life, we were destined to go. To save you looking, shopping and buying, Here is an idea, we hope you’ll like trying! Come to our wedding, to wish us both well, And please make a donation to our wishing well.


The Wedding Venue has enough accomodation for 100 people. We suggest for those who come from far to book a room at the venue a day before the Wedding to prevent getting stuck in traffic.

011 662 4904
Prices From R720 for a room for 2 people